Who's in Charge Here?

Sunset Covenant is a congregationally-led church.

The major financial decisions that need to be made are done through a rotating council of church members, who provide accountability and support for the church staff. (When there's a super major decision, all the members in the congregation vote.)

However, the church council chooses to empower and employ a team of people to help facilitate ministry.

This is that team: 


Nate Salinas Co-Pastor of Proclamation & Administration
Jelani Greenidge Co-Pastor of Worship & Proclamation
In addition to being a pastor, Jelani is a passionate communicator with a drive to inform, inflame, and inspire.
Angela Healy Preschool Director
Angela has been connected to Mustard Seed Preschool since the age of four, as she attended as a student!
Kristin Podelnyk Assistant Preschool Director
Kristen loves helping children, fostering the love of learning and helping them explore new discoveries during their most formative years.
Emily Raymond Worship Coordinator
Emily Raymond has been a worship leader at Sunset Covenant for over three years now, and is an integral part of our worship ministry.
Juan Valdez Building Maintenance
Juan Valdez has spent time doing custodial work in a variety of different organizations. He likes to have fun outings with his family, enjoys playing the guitar, and has a passion to share the gospel with people who don't know God.